Video format: NTSC and PAL. NTSC is the American video standard and PAL is the European standard. For casual use and less experienced users, we recommend using the PAL format.

Frequency:  Allows you to select a frequency in accordance with the frequency of the power grid (on the European continent, the current in the grid is 50 Hz, in America and parts of Asia it is 60 Hz).

WDR: Wide Dynamic Range, luminance compensation. It reduces brightness where the space is too bright and adds brightness where the space is too dark, allowing all parts of the image to be seen in adequate lighting. 

Selfie Display: Option to preview the image with icons or display the image on the full selfie display.

Stamp: A time and date stamp in the recording. 

Loop: The camera does not record one large file, but divides the recording into smaller sections. If the camera recorded in one large file and it was corrupted, you would lose the entire recording. For this reason, the camera divides the footage into smaller sections. 

Encoding: H.265/ H.264 (fomat video encoding).

LDC: Turns on/off fisheye reduction by reducing the angle of view. Cannot be combined with image stabilization function.

Scene mode: Auto, person, scenery, fog. Set the camera according to the specific scene you are filming/photographing. 

AWB: Automatic White Balance. 

ISO: The ISO setting will determine the sensitivity to light. The higher the value, the brighter the image.

Grid: For the best centering of the image. 

Shutter: The exposure time (shutter speed) is the amount of time the camera's shutter is open, allowing light to hit the image sensor.

Exposure: A higher value means brighter video, a lower value means darker video. 

Metering: (exposure metering) Exposure balancing according to the selected setting (center, average, spot - with this option you click on a specific point on the camera display and the exposure is balanced according to it).

Stabilization: MaxSmooth 2.0 - provides better stabilization with slightly more image crop, on (MaxSmooth 1.0 - previous version MaxSmooth 2.0, less stabilization but not as much image crop), off.